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StarTimes Commits to Broadcast "Look To East" Programme To Help With Sino-Africa Relations

StarTimes, the Chinese Pay-TV company has declared that it would be at the forefront of driving the positive relationship between China and Africa. According to a statement from StarTimes, recent years have seen tremendous growth in engagement between Africa countries and the Chinese state.
The Pay-TV company also said that "To further build understanding on communication between Africa and China in matters of culture, industrial collaboration and economic development, the program, 'Look to the East' is broadcasting on StarTimes Guide Channel."  
Sources close to the StarTimes initiative said the main driver behind the broadcasting of the 'Look to the East' programme across Africa is to "demystify the culture between Africa and China and to showcase the industrial collaboration between Africa and China.
StarTimes says it observes that Africa is a key plank of the Chinese international cooperation strategy under China's Belt and Road initiative that has seen forty-six African countries signed up.

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