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Tanzania Latest Country To Become Part Of The East Africa "One Network Area"

The "One Network Area" initiative is a programme of the East Africa Community (EAC)  that is aimed at lowering, eventually removing, international calling cost tariffs for the EAC citizen. The plan is for citizens to communicate more at a lower cost across the region and roam cheaply when they travel across and around the region.
The One Network Area initiative has been launched, officially since  January 2015 and since signed on countries such as  Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.  It is hoped that the One Network Area will help support and drive the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) that have also come into effect in  January 2021.
It has now been announced that Tanzania is the latest regional country to join the One Network Area. Mr Stephen Mbundi of the Tanzanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this in the official communications sent to the EAC secretariat. In the message, the Tanzanian officials informed the EAC that "the United Republic of Tanzania has concluded consultations and is now ready to begin the process for the implementation of the EAC roaming framework."

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