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Seacom's Africa's Strategy On Course Even As Top-Execs Changes Are Implemented

Aware of the potential negative reputational impression that might have been created with the seemingly unexpected announcement of top-level executive changes within its structures, Seacom has sought to re-assure all its stakeholders that all is in order with the organisation and that the changes that have been put in place were designed to further the companies ambitious strategy in Africa.
Speaking to ITWeb Africa, the Internet data transmission provider said: "Although the announcements recently on the executive changes at Seacom seem sudden, they have actually been planned for a while now. The transition within Seacom is being well managed and was planned out well in advance."
Changes that have been implemented within the Seacom's leadership structure included the appointment of Prenesh Padayachee as Group Chief Digital Officer to replace Claes Segelberg who had resigned as the Chief Technical Officer. On January 4th 2021, Seacom also appointed Oliver Fortuin (formerly of MTN) as its new Chief Executive Officer. Further back in August 2020, the then Chief Strategy Officer of the company, Mr Suveer Ramdhani left the company for 'personal reasons'.
With all these going on, Seacom was adamant its planned strategy remains on course. The company said: "Seacom isn't pursuing a new strategy, although there is change and "an injection of new blood", it believes it is growing the next generation of leaders within its ranks and that the new members of its executive team have a well thought out transition process underway with full support from the previous management team.

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