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South Africa: Govt Fortifies Plans To Make Non-Terrestrial TV Users Pay For TV Licence

The South African TV Licence framework's ongoing issues seem to be settling with the nation's government adamant that it will be extending the payment of TV licenses to the users of non-terrestrial or traditional TV services. In effect, the government has said that DStv and Netflix customers would be required to pay for TV Licences under the new regime.
This updated status was confirmed by the South African, Communications and Digital Technologies Minister, Ms Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, when she answered questions from parliamentarians of her Draft White Paper on "Audio-Visual Content Services Policy Framework was published for comment."
The minister's White Paper document has laid out the government's plans to improve public broadcaster revenue via a varied, albeit more stringent TV licence compliance modalities.
According to Ms Ndabeni-Abrahams, the proposal shows that the current status-quo "require review and consequential amendments to the TV licence fee section to broaden the definition and collection system for television licences".  The aim is to strengthen enforcement and penalties for non-payment, and how this is achieved of the above will be determined by the submissions expected from all South Africans towards the draft white paper.

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