Safaricom Prioritises 4G over 5G

Kenyan leading mobile network operator Safaricom has put its plans to launch the fifth-generation (5G) mobile internet service on hold; instead, it will focus on 4G expansion.

The CEO of the company Peter Ndengwa said that there are no plans to roll out 5G anytime soon; instead, they want to convert their customers from 2G and 3G users to 4G subscribers. However, Ndengwa did note that the company will still thrash out 5G modality issues with government, such as spectrum.

There was an expected that Safaricom would commence its 5G roll out in early 2021, as they had alluded a to testing the technology in partnership with Huawei.

Speaking to IT Web, Tech analyst Wale Oladapo said: “It all boils down to individual operators blocking out the 5G frenzy talking points and deciding what is best for their business”.  Most companies will try to milk out as much as they can from their investment 4G. Ndegwa has validated this view saying that there’s still much prospect and opportunity “to exploit and fully utilise 4G before going into 5G”.

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