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Sports Group Launches New Entertainment Show - "Africa Empire Warrior"

Africa Sports Venture Group has announced the launch of its new sports entertainment show tagged "Africa Empire Warrior". According to the producers, the show is formatted as a "test of strength, agility, endurance, power and ultimate fitness".
At a virtual press conference, the executives behind the proposed entertainment show said the format would "pit four contestants per African country in a series of obstacles against contestants from all 54 African Nations in the 12-stage competition. It is designed that each of the stages will be representing the 12 ancient African Empires such as the Benin Empire, Ghana Empire, Malian Empire, Songhai Empire, Carthaginian Empire.
The aim is to reveal what it "took for an individual to qualify to be a Warrior back in those times." Speaking about the show, Tiah Knox, the head of production said it "will showcase the past glory of Africa and help people develop a new perspective of Africa and its rich history."
The owners of the programme aim to distribute it through local broadcast partners as well as on streaming platforms. Details of who will have the rights to show the content will be released on the show website around about the 1st March 2021.

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