Broadcast Regulation

Tanzania | TCRA Bans TV Station For Violating Broadcast Regulation

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has announced a six-month ban of Wasafi TV on the alleged basis of violation of the country’s broadcasting rules and regulations. According to the industry regulator, the contravention necessitating the action occurred on the 1st of January on a live show broadcast by the TV station.
In a statement, the acting director for TCRA, Mr Johannes Kalungule said the station’s offence was that it had aired the singer Gigy Money dancing at a national festival while ‘scantily dressed’. According to Kalungule, the move contravened the Tanzanian broadcasting regulations, and hence the station must to stay off the airwaves and issue a public apology.
BMA’s request for comment to the management of Wasafi has not been responded to, and it appears not to have issued the public apologies demanded by the regulator.
Three months ago, Wasafi FM was also banned for seven days for airing offensive language. That ban was put in place by the then TCRA director, Mr James Kilaba.

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