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NIGERIA | Regulator Threatens Licence Withdrawals For Unregistered SIM Cards

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the body that the regulates telecommunications in Nigeria, has issued a strong request for mobile carriers in the country to submit updated details of networks registered users and SIM cards registration records by the end of December 2020, or face the potential loss of their licence.
The Nigerian regulator, in a statement, said there is a need "to consolidate the achievements of last year's SIM registration audit and improve the performance and sanity of the sector."
The NCC's statement also said that it would establish a "Ministerial Task Force comprising the minister and all the CEOs (among others) as members are to monitor compliance by all networks."

"Violations of this directive will be met by stiff sanctions, including the possibility of withdrawal of operating license."  says the NCC. This directive-cum-ultimatum will affect all the major telecom network services providers including MTN, Glo and Airtel. They stand to lose a lot if they could not meet the demands of the regulator.
It will be recalled that  In 2015, the NCC puts MTN Nigeria (Africa's biggest telecoms company) in the dock and fined it the sum in the region of US$5.2 billion with charges that included non-compliance with SIM cards regulations.

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