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eNCA Deploys AI and AR Technology To Improve News Coverage And Delivery

eNCA, the South African based satellite TV news broadcaster (owned by is showcasing its adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to improve its newsgathering, processing and delivery capabilities. The company says it now has one of the largest video walls compared to any other broadcaster on the continent, thanks to the AR technology that it is using.
Implementing AI and AR technologies in broadcasting certainly help broadcasters increase productivity and creativity. For example, the use of augmented reality enables broadcasters to display news in 3D formats, which is particularly useful to enhance viewers experience and engagement with news items.
Norman Munzhelele, the Managing Director of eNCA, acknowledges that his broadcasting outfit is the first and probably the only broadcaster to deploy and use this type of augmented reality tech on the African continent. He said, "eNCA is renowned for its leading news coverage, and the use of cutting-edge technology allows us to stay on top of our game by enhancing the viewing experience significantly."
Rosemary Rogers, Head of the department for technical operations at the eNCA explains further, "using the state-of-the-art AI and AR technologies help us reach deeper dimension to our technical offering and allows us to convert data into 3D elements in real-time."

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