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International: Shake-Up In UK's Broadcasting As Streaming Platforms To Do Public Service Programming!

Ofcom, the United Kingdom's broadcasting regulator, is bringing forth a proposal that is considered radical in the sense that it will re-shape the country's broadcasting landscape. Within these proposals, Ofcom is looking to mandate streaming services to now carry public service programming (PSP) - just as the more traditional broadcasters have been doing.
In the report on the adaptation of public service broadcasting for the online streaming and Smart TV age, Ofcom indicated that the streaming platforms and the services they provide are becoming increasingly pervasive and dominant.
The Ofcom report is, therefore asking streaming platforms and online media brand, especially those that already resonate with younger online audiences, to help create an environment where risks can be taken for providing and distributing UK's public service programming content to audiences of all ages.
Also, the report reckons that the rules governing service broadcasting mandates for public broadcasters such as the BBC ought to be radically overhauled. As the report stated, public broadcasters should also be allowed to fulfil their public service broadcasting obligations online, and not only via the traditional channels.
Commenting, Dame Melanie Dawes, the chief executive of Ofcom, said: "There is an urgent need to reform the rules and build a more robust system of public service media that can flourish in the digital age."

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