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SABA Ready For Partnerships To Help Realise Regional Radio And TV Initiatives

Mr Cecil J. Nguvauva, the Secretary-General of the Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA) has announced that his organisation will stand ready to partner and collaborate with global partners that can help it bring to fruition the pan-regional SADC Radio and TV platforms that they are currently busy with.
SABA, the umbrella organisation for all public broadcasters within the Southern African Development Community (SADC), believe says its planned pan-regional Radio and TV initiatives would be the platform to "reach as many people as possible" from the region and beyond.
According to Mr Nguvauva, the SABA's pan-SADC project is already commenced, with an ongoing radio news and current affairs program that will develop into a fully-fledged radio channel. SABA hopes to then add a satellite TV channel and, eventually offer a fully-fledged multi-media environment that will produce, package and roll out content to the region and the rest of the world.
Mr Nguvauva was speaking at last week's virtual industry forum on "Reshaping Africa's Broadcasting Industry - Strategies For Acceleration. Broadcast Media Africa presented the industry forum in collaboration with Intelsat. The SABA secretary-general told the forum's audience that "we are also out there looking for partners. We are open to new members to help us achieve our goals."

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