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ZNBC Fully Resourced, Need Efficient Utilisation Of Modern Infrastructure

The Director-General of Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC), Mr Malolela Lusambo, has proclaimed that, in terms of the modernisation of broadcasting systems and platforms, his organisation is fully resourced!
Malolela was speaking during the virtual industry forum on "Reshaping Africa's Broadcasting Industry - Strategies For Acceleration. Broadcast Media Africa presented the industry forum in collaboration with Intelsat.
Malolela said "In terms of modernisation, the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation is in the right place. We have established our state-of-the-art broadcasting systems which have, in turn, now enabled us to venture to introduce online platforms for our radio and television channels.
In the view of the ZNBC Director-General, the issue he now grapples with the most is how always to ensure the efficient utilisation of the modernised infrastructure at his disposal.
Malolela said, talking about having to effectively and efficiently utilise the infrastructure, you find that there are times when I feel we are not entirely using some of that infrastructure to its fullest benefit. There are just times when the broadcasting equipment and systems are simply not being utilised, and I feel we need to work harder on that.

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