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Lesotho: Vodacom And Regulator At Loggerheads Over Approval For Executives

It does appear there is no love lost between Vodacom Lesotho - country's leading telecom operator - and the industry regulator.
After the shenanigans involving the revocation and restoration of Vodacom's operating licence, the issue now, according to reporting by Biztech Africa, is that Vodacom Lesotho has launched an appeal against the Lesotho Communications Authority's (LCA) directive that telecom operators must seek the regulator's approval before appointing any senior officials.
The LCA, via a directive from its CEO, Mr Mamarame Matela, have asked that "All holders of unified licenses shall obtain prior written approval of the Authority before appointing senior directors and that all existing officers shall within three months of issuance submit their applications for approval accompanied by comprehensive curriculum vitae indicating relevant qualifications, experience in their current roles including certificates of registration with relevant professional bodies where applicable."
Vodacom Lesotho is asking to have the LCA's power reviewed, as it should not be up to the regulator to approve the appointment of directors, officers, senior officials and auditors of companies holding unified licenses in the communications sector."

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