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"No Going Back On 30% Local Content On Streaming Platforms" - South African Govt.

The South African government says it is serious with the proposed requirement of thirty per cent local content on streaming platforms operating in the country. This will impact on all international streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple+ and Disney+ and also local streamers such as Showmax and TelkomONE must.
Mr Collin Mashile, the chief director of broadcasting at the South African Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, says the government will vigorously enforce the local content requirement. According to him: "Where video streaming services come and operate in South Africa, everything that they show to South Africans in terms of their catalogue, 30% of that must be South African content. With this, we would ensure a future for the South African broadcasting sector and create more opportunities for the production and creative industry sector."
Industry watchers and analysts are concerned whether this strategy by the South African government has been thought out. Analysts note that even as company's like Netflix have already been localising their content offering, mandating them to deliver on a 30% content quota might prove to be a bridge too far to cross. And if Netflix will struggle, then there could be real problems across the board.

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