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SABC: Govt Urged To Repeal "Must Carry" Regulations As Way To Boost Broadcaster Revenue

As the South African Department of Communications and Digital Technologies presents its proposal to extend the payment of TV licences to include streaming services, and by that garner more funds for the SABC, the Democratic Alliance (DA) which is one of country's main opposition party has argued that a more sustainable way to fund the SABC will be for the government to remove the requirement that means that SABC content must be carried by all the other platforms, especially DStv.
According to the DA, if the 'must carry' regulation is gotten rid of, it would mean that the SABC would be free to sell the content it produces, and also charge for carriage fees for its channels. This, in the opinion of the DA, would help bolster revenues from content and stop the SABC from having to come cap-in-hand to the national treasury for a constant bailout.
A portion of the statement reads in part "The SABC must survive to deliver quality news and content in all 11 official languages, but it must do so without a reliance on government bailouts or the increase of licensing fees."
The DA was also of the mind that the provisions put in place to include streaming services as part of TV licence obligation will be problematic to implement and has urged the Minister to do a root-and-branch review of the proposals before committing to it.

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