Defunct 'Black' Streaming Service "Was A Nut Job" - Cell C CEO

Douglas C. Stevenson, the chief executive of Cell C, has described the execution of his organisation's defunct Black streaming service as a nut-job and for them to think, even believe that they could compete with a behemoth like Netflix in the content sphere was a "very crazy idea". He said that was the reason why they have to terminate the product.
Mr Stevenson was speaking on the Nielsen Network said that although it was a tough decision to pull the plug - given that they had already spent about ZAR1.5 billion (US$ 98 million) on the platform - "it had to be done".
It will be recalled that Cell C launched the Black streaming platform to great fanfare in November 2017, with the then chief executive, Jose Dos Santos, promoting it as the future of entertainment, set to deliver video streaming, music, concert tickets, and sports betting to all South Africans.
This Cell C's experience is instructive in the light of so many other failures or non-performance that have been documented within the OTT streaming environment when telcos tried to dabble into content provisioning. Industry watchers are eagerly waiting to see how the new venture floated by Telkom South Africa will fare.

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