SABC Drama As Blackout Is Threatened, And COO Looks To Jump Ship!

As the management of the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) continue to defend the decision to reduce its bloated staff salary bill via its planned retrenchment exercise, the staff of the organisation are also digging their heels in by threatening to go on strike from Friday, and the COO of SABC Ian Plaatjies suggesting he might cross-over to the eNCA (SABC's competition) if the strike action moves forward. Drama!
The SABC management has been consistent in its declaration that the organisation cannot carry-on with its current wage/salary structure, which almost every industry watcher agree it patently bloated. The SABC is said to be currently spending ZAR Three Billion ( US$ 195 million) on staff cost and only ZAR One Billion (US$ 65 million) on content. And this cannot be sustainable.
On its part, the labour union looking after the SABC staff has issued an ultimatum to the SABC no to go forward with the dismissals, and that if it does, it will face imminent strike action resulting in an unwarranted broadcasting blackout.
The latest from the SABC management seems to suggest that the retrenchment exercise have now been suspended for seven days. The SABC drama rumbles!

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