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Broadband: Google Aim To Provide Laser-Beamed Infrastructure With Econet

The Econet Group is reported to have entered into a strategic partnership with Alphabet - Google's parent company - to launch a high-speed broadband infrastructure based on laser beam technology.
In a statement, Econet said they are looking to do their first roll-out in 2021 in Zimbabwe with the revolutionary technology that can connect two points that are 20km apart. Econet noted that connecting the same area with fibre optics cable could take about two weeks.
The Econet statement also declared in part, "The laser beam cable can currently deliver up to 10Gigabytes of internet capacity at the 'speed of light' capable of streaming high-quality video.
The laser-beam broadband technology has been deployed is said to be developed by the Google's Alphabet subsidiary called X that is designed to implement innovative high-tech "moon-shots' solutions.

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