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Intelsat "To Partner With Africa's Broadcasters To Modernise And Maximise Viewing Experiences"

In the run-up to the forthcoming virtual industry forum on "Reshaping Africa's Broadcast Organisations - Strategies For Acceleration" Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) was in conversation with Intelsat - the Forum's Sponsor - and we discussed, among other subjects, the company's vision and plans for the broadcasting industry in Africa. Below is the conversation between BMA and Intelsat:

BMA: Please remind us of your operating philosophy is and how industry stakeholders in Africa can benefit?

Intelsat: We provided the first of many video distribution services in Africa including the support for Direct to Home (DTH) platforms and support for and assistance in the move to digital terrestrial television (DTT) applications. We were among the first to establish satellite services for media using satellite broadband and continue to innovate.

Today, Intelsat provides the largest satellite fleet over Africa, with seven prime orbital locations, and hosts the largest video neighbourhoods serving over 200 customers. Through our prime orbital locations, we provide international and local coverage to communities throughout the entire continent and connect millions of people.

Intelsat has demonstrated expertise, reliability, and credibility in the region by continuously helping customers in the switch from analogue to digital, in the move and upgrade to the latest video formats including SD, HD, and 4K and by providing our customers with efficient use of bandwidth. Three regional offices have been opened so we can get closer to our customers and provide them with the sales and regional support they need. Because of our proven track record, the top programmers and DTH platforms in the region call Intelsat home.

BMA: What is your organisation's vision for the future of broadcasting in Africa?

Intelsat: We are more than a satellite partner; we are connectivity partners offering ubiquitous solutions to meet the needs of broadcasters on the African continent.

With the advancement of Edge Solutions, we are extending the customers network and the viewers experience, utilising the Intelsat satellite assets and devising solutions to fit the customers' unique requirements. We adapt to customer's unique circumstances across the continent of Africa.

From unicast to multicast satellite is the dominant solution for covering the large landmass such as the continent of Africa.

BMA: What strategic alliances (partnerships), if any, is Intelsat currently involved in to help the development and modernisation of Africa's broadcast industry

Intelsat: We are working with the premier DTH and DTT operators in the region. We empower broadcasters to broadcast in both KU and C-band to reach their viewers. We also offer single beam solutions to our partners. Finally, we embrace technology partners who will provide futuristic solutions to maximise the viewer experience in Africa.

We look forward to adopting additional solutions to better enable customers and programmers in understanding their audience needs and driving the concept of "content discovery".

BMA: Please give members of the Broadcast Media Africa community with a sneak-peek of what they can expect in terms of product/service innovation from Intelsat in short to medium term?

Intelsat: In the short term, we will enable content discovery in the region for maximal viewer experience. Over the longer term, we are continually partnering with our customers to develop and deploy innovative solutions such as software-defined networks, hybrid solutions and advancing "Edge" technologies.



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