Modernising Africa's Broadcast Platforms And Infrastructure - Successful Strategies

In a week, leading industry executives will meet to explore successful strategies to enable the Modernisation of Africa's Broadcast Platforms, Systems and Operations - Post-Covid-19. This virtual/online industry forum is presented in association with INTELSAT and collaboration with the Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA) and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON).

The virtual industry meeting will take place on Tuesday 24th November 2020  |  Venue: ONLINE on Zoom | Time: 10h:00 (GMT) | 11:00 (WAT) | 12:00 (CAT)

Strategies generating issues that would be reviewed by leading industry executives will include: 

  • The future of revenue generation for broadcast organisations 
  • Overcoming hurdles to transition to OTT
  • The future where it is all about content partnerships and relationships
  • How to stay commercially viable in a Post-Covid world
  • Diversification of broadcasting revenue streams - paths and trajectories

To be part of this virtual industry forum to share ideas with broadcasters, media platform operators, content distributors, and industry regulators visit the event website here!

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