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TelkomOne Streaming Service - What's Featured?, What's Missing? And Where It's Going?

TelkomOne, the recently launched subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) and streaming platform owned by Telkom South Africa was put through a review by "TV with Thinus" to check its main features; what it is missing and its forward intentions.
Accordingly, it was noted that while the platform does manage to garner a catalogue and library of remarkable content, one cannot but notice that key SABC channels such as SABC3 and SABC News are oddly missing.  Oddly because the streaming platform was promoted as being fully backed - content-wise - by the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).
Explaining this discrepancy, TelkomOne, according to media reporting, said that "since SABC News is currently under an exclusive agreement," it cannot, unfortunately, be featured on the platform. With
regards the SABC3 channel, it is expected for that to be "shortly be included once certain property rights have been cleared."
Telkom also says it is confident that with its competitive pricing point, and the fact that it has "aggregated a wide range of content from a variety of local and international content providers such as ViacomCBS, Fremantle, Discovery Inc., and a host of local independent production in the music, comedy, lifestyle, and series genres, it will do well in the market."
The streaming platform is assured that its target market - the youths - will respond favourably to its offering.

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