Telecom Infrastructure

Liquid Telecom's Role In Project Taara Is "Core Backbone Operator"

Liquid Telecom's Chief Technology Officer, Mr Ben Roberts has confirmed that his organisation's role within Project Tara is to provide the core backbone to other service provider partners to enable the project to deliver effective and "affordable high-speed internet to previously unreached communities across Africa".
Roberts said his company is committed to providing the last mile access infrastructure, offering its customers with the opportunity to anchor on this and extend their services. According to Liquid Telecom's chief, "We have always been an open-access network. As a core backbone operator, we have other operators as our wholesale customers all over Africa."
Project Taara was created to bring together fibre-based connectivity capacity across Africa, opening up "new routes, locations and countries to connectivity through speeds that exceed radio links at 20Gbps capacity."
According to Mr Roberts, "Our focus is on intra African connectivity to bring connectivity to as many users as possible, leaving no one behind."

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