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Nigeria: Regulator Warns Broadcasters Against Impetuousness, Might Increase Sanctions

Prof. Armstrong Idachaba, the acting director-general of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) - the regulator of Nigeria's broadcasting industry - has issued a stern warning to TV and radio operators in the country, asking them to ensure they are not reckless with what they broadcast, especially at "times of national emergency when there is the need for extreme care and restraint".

Idachaba was responding to the push-back his organisation have received following its sanction on some broadcasting organisations in Nigeria over what it sees to as the "unprofessional coverage" of the #EndSARS demonstrations in Lagos, Nigeria.

Civil society organisations in Nigeria have said that the sanctions are heavy-handed, illegal even; and have commenced various legal actions against the NBC to have them rescinded. However, NBC's director-general has lashed back, saying that the sanctions imposed must be observed and that any outfit that fails to comply risks further sanctions.

The NBC says while it believes in a robustly free media environment where broadcasters have editorial freedom, it will not countenance same to "become stimulant to the destruction of lives and properties."

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