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South Africa: SABC Promises To Return To Broadcasting Live Boxing Soon!

The South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), has said that it will be looking to bring back free-to-air broadcast of Boxing for the pleasure of all South Africans. This assurance was given by the corporation Head of Sport, Gary Rathbone.
Addressing the group of boxers that have been protesting the fact that the SABC had not shown any live boxing game on its channels since 2010, Rathbone said that the organisation, as the country's public's free to air broadcaster, has always been looking to prioritise boxing broadcasting.
He said: "Boxing is important to millions of South Africans and probably one of the popular sport in the country that does not get the space it deserves, so we need to work on it. The issue is that it is not an easy exercise. It's not going to be a quick fix."
Mr Rathbone is however confident that boxing broadcasting will soon be a regular feature on the SABC platforms "where boxing fans across the country can appreciate it".

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