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South Africa: Telkom Video Streaming Platform Expected To Launch On Nov. 5 2020

Telkom, the South African fixed-line infrastructure and services provider, have announced that its long-awaited video streaming platform called TelkomONE will be launched on Thursday, Nov. 5.
According to Ms Wanda Mkhize, the company executive in charge of the platform, the youth-centred, mobile-first over-the-top streaming service that they are bringing to the will offer a range of on-demand content from an aggregated list of TV channels that will be paid for using layered or tiered subscription plans.
Mkhize said that "With the market that we're looking to target, you need to have different tiers of subscriptions. So we're looking at monthly, weekly, weekend, daily pricing propositions, making it easier for the consumer using TelkomONE to spend with their wallet and with how they want to consume content,"
Telkom also said its cognisance of existing pitfalls within Africa's OTT space, and it has baked-in these risks factors, with the company executive saying that "It's about understanding the localised market, and understanding the hard-hitting point that data is very much a key barrier in a lot of communities".
On what TelkomONE will offer content-wise, Wanda Mkhize commented: "our bakery has a variety of cakes and desserts on option. Aligned with the consumer segments that we are targeting, and as we broaden the proposition, we will have a variety of content opportunities. At launch, TelkomONE will not do not have any movies. As a mobile-first proposition, we have identified it as not necessarily the best consumption mechanism, but in future, as we expand the proposition, we will be introducing more."
Credit: contribution from TV With Thinus

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