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SABC Issues Request For Information (RFI) For OTT Media Streaming Platform

Following our reporting that the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation is set to launch its own streaming platform early next year, the organisation have now issued an official Request for Information (RFI) document for the service.
In the RFI document, the organisation say it is working to accomplish a digital strategy for delivering new services that will, in turn, be driven by the OTT media streaming platform for which it is now seeking information. "The SABC is working towards having a presence in the OTT space, and this RFI brings the SABC a step closer to achieving this goal - the released document said.
The SABC has acknowledged that, over the past years, it had been reliant on websites, social media spaces and third party streamers to publish its content, and that these facilities have not been good enough to enable it to monetise its content "to its fullest market value".
The SABC believe that through the request for information, it can gather the information that will lead to the successful launch of the SABC App (called SABC iPlayer) for the delivery and consumption of TV and Radio content; as well as the streaming technology that will include hardware, software and licences to allow the SABC offer content multiple platforms and multiple screens, including websites, social media, mobile applications, IP TV/Radio, gaming consoles, set-top box, and advertising screens.
The SABC RFI document projects that the planned SABC iPlayer will host seven TV channels and nineteen radio stations with the so-called 'freemium model'. More information and documentation on the SABC RFI can be found on the company's website.
Credit: contribution from My Broadband

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