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NIGERIA: Broadcasting Regulator - NBC - Is Being Sued!

The regulator of the Nigerian broadcasting industry, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is being dragged to court by a group of legal activists and civil rights organisations over its action to sanction a group of broadcasters because of the way they covered the EndSARS activities.
The two groups, one is Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), and the other the Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative (DRLI) have brought separate lawsuits against the NBC in Federal High Courts in Abuja Nigeria.
They are both asking that the Courts overturn the "arbitrary, illegal and unconstitutional" sanctions that the NBC had imposed on Channels TV, Africa Independent Television (AIT) and Arise TV over their coverage of the #EndSARS.
According to its Court filing notes, SERAP says that it believes that "The NBC, being a regulatory body, is not empowered by law to act as the prosecutor and the judge. We humbly urge the court  to uphold the sanctity of the Nigerian Constitution, Nigerians' human rights, media freedom, and the rule of law."
DRLI's Court filing notes says that: "the sanction and fine imposed on the television stations creates a chilling effect on freedom of expression and constitutes an unjustifiable interference of its members' right to freedom of expression particularly, their right to receive ideas and information from the sanctioned television stations."
No word has been heard from the National Broadcasting Commission and its principals of the court action being taken against them.

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