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Liquid Telecom To Build "Largest Datacentre Outside SA" In Lagos - Nigeria

Liquid Telecom Group has indicated that construction is now underway in Lagos, Nigeria, for what the Group's executive chairman, Strive Masiyiwa has described as "the largest datacentre on the continent outside of South Africa".
Masiyiwa said that the investment in, and the construction of the Nigeria Datacentre - which will be located on five-acre site in the commercial city of Lagos - "would increase access to more affordable cloud services" by users across the country and West African region.
According to Masiyiwa, "As long as you have infrastructure that is not local, there are going to be costs associated with accessing that infrastructure. So, by building the datacentres locally, you remove the costs associated with an end-user accessing this data by moving through different countries to find where the data is."
In another statement by from Liquid Telecom's Africa Data Centre, it signalled that the Lagos datacentre, which is billed to cost about US$100 million would be financed from the US$307 million it raised from the rights issue to fund its datacentre expansion plans in Africa.
Credit: contribution from ITWeb Africa

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