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South Africa: SABC Set To Shed About 600 Jobs, Workers Union To Sue

As the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is set to cull upwards of six hundred staffers from its current staff roll, the union that is representing workers at the national broadcaster has threatened to go to court or go on strike to try to stop what it has referred to as "a job bloodbath".
The SABC had recently told its employees in a letter that it had concluded the various legal consultations required by the South Africa Labour Relations Act, and is now at liberty "to implement the contemplated redundancies and retrenchments unilaterally."
However, the union that looks after the interest of SABC workers have accused the company's management of unfairly short-circuiting the mandated labour law consultation process, and is now preparing to take legal action.
Hannes Du Buisson, speaking for the workers union, said that "the consultation was not conducted in full compliance with the LRA and as "the SABC was properly and intensely questioned about its rationale and structures, in particular the structures where the SABC has increased senior management levels instead of decreasing it, the SABC terminated the consultation process. So the parties cannot and have not reached any consensus on the issues not yet presented".

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