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Liberia: New Mobile Network Operating License Issued To 'Libtelco'

The Liberian government-owned 'Liberia Telecommunications Corporation' (Libtelco) has been awarded the third mobile network operating license to provide voice, data and mobile internet services to its citizens. The permit was granted by the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA).

Orange Liberia and Lonestar MTN are the other two mobile network license owners in Liberia. As both of these are foreign-owned, market watchers think that awarding the third license to a locally-owned company is the right move.

Libtelco has been primarily active in the distribution of fibre-based internet infrastructure service provisioning and how has the authority to operate and be busy, especially in the mobile internet space. It is hoped that with Libtelco entering the mobile networks business, the expected market competition will raise the quality of service and reduce prices for the Liberians.

As some industry analysts have expressed concerns over whether issuing a mobile operating license to the government-owned Libtelco could give it an unmatched industry dominance, the Commissioner-General of LTA, Zontawon Titus "said the decision to grant the third licence was to meet a growing need for services" and "As a responsible and predictable regulatory body, we did not issue the licence to Libtelco based on public perceptions."

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