Broadcast Regulation

South Africa: Govt. Ministry Explores TV License Fees Payment By Netflix Subscribers

The South African government department in charge of communications has requested that the regulations surrounding TV Licensing in the country to be reviewed and possibly changed to include payment by users of streaming services platforms like Netflix.
The rationale for this is that the media consumption pattern has changed, and the TV license regime needed to keep up - according to the South African Deputy Communications Minister Pinky Kekana.
Under the new proposals, streaming platforms and other non-terrestrial content providers would be required to collect TV licenses from their subscribers on behalf of the SABC. Minister Pinky Kekana.
According to the deputy minister, the proposal is designed to assist the country's public broadcaster, the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) improve its position financially by enabling collect fees from non-TV users, covering viewer and listeners consuming content on other devices like laptops and mobile phones.

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