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Kenya: China-Africa Media Cooperation Forum 2020 To Take Place In Kenya

Kenya is set to host the 2020 edition of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum. According to the organisers, this year forum is themed "China-Africa Media Cooperation in the Digital Era."
The event is targeted at promoting and deepening the cooperation between Africa and China media sectors, offering the environment for shared experiences, and providing technical and capacity-building support for practitioners. And within the current reality defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forum will help assess how media organisations can remodel and restructure their businesses for a modernised future.
Kenya has been chosen as the host country for the high-level Forum because the country enjoys a competitive level of media activities compared to other nations in Africa. Kenya is recorded to have more than 200FM stations, 90+ TV stations and a high number of print media and online outfits.
The Forum organisers believe that as operating media environment is changing globally as well as in Africa, industry players ought to take advantage of the opportunities that have been made available and learn valuable lessons from global best cases.
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