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Nigeria: Telecoms Regulator To "FastTrack" Spectrum Licencing To Facilitate New Technologies

The Nigerian telecommunications industry regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has pledged its deep-seated committed to accelerating the adoption and use of new technologies in the country, and have declared that it is willing to fast-track the issuance of spectrum licenses to make sure this happens.
Re-stating this commitment, NCC's head of Digital Economy Mr Babagana Digima commented that "technologies, inclusive of 5G, broadband satellite services, high altitude platform services, and others would address the shortage of infrastructure and services in the region.
He then declared that "we will create additional areas of investments with the opening of the new spectrum, especially for broadband deployment in both urban and rural areas, and facilitate fibre deployment through initiatives such as the Infocomm."
Digima also affirmed that his organisation would work with the country's telco industry to deliver "better services and internet infrastructure that would provide quality services and experiences to consumers.
Credit: contribution from Broadcastpro me

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