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South Africa: Internet Streaming Platforms To Face More Regulation, Require License

In the seemingly intense and "comprehensive" industry regulations overhaul ongoing in the broadcast media industry in South Africa, it appears that the streaming platforms are not being spared. The government is proposing a new regulatory and licencing requirement framework on internet streaming, which is bound to affect global companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and others.
Excerpts from the white paper from "New Vision for South Africa 2020" document published in South Africa's Government Gazette on Friday 9th October 2020, the government is looking to establish two types of license - Individual and Class - that players within the on-demand and streaming industry operating in South Africa will be required to obtain.
Who will require what licence type will depend on the annual turnover declared in the previous financial year, and the white paper has published an "illustrative table as a guide. Elements from the white paper provisions indicate that content streamers such as Netflix will require a license, video sharing platform like YouTube might not need a license, but will still face stringent regulations.
New regulations for the video-sharing platforms will cover items such as advertising, hate speech, and protection of minors and the vulnerable in society.
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