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International: ViacomCBS Networks International Makes Diversity Key Production Criteria

ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI) is pursuing a new aggressive 'diversity-in-production' policy with the announcement that henceforth, all commissioned production will have to demonstrate they have genuine diversity in their team before the commission can go ahead.
VCNI says that this new policy will be implemented on a global basis in more than the 180 countries where it is present. David Lynn, the CEO and President of VCNI said that "Expanding 'no diversity, no commission' to our entire international organisation is a significant strategic move for ViacomCBS Networks International."
So to put the new policy to practice, VCNI executives give some details around how it will work saying that: "When budgets are agreed, the commissioner or project lead will check for appropriate diversity and recommend improvements, as needed. Production companies will have to adhere to diversity guidelines before budgets are signed off, and productions are approved to begin".
The company also stressed that "to ensure that a variety of balanced, diverse voices are involved in all areas of production" both on-screen and behind-the-scenes diversity would be tracked.

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