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Satellite Broadcasters Are Unlike Telcos And Cannot Do Pay-As-You-Go, Says Multichoice Nigeria CEO

John Ugbe, the chief executive officer of Multichoice in Nigeria, has reiterated that implementing a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) billing model was both technically and commercially herculean for his organisation.
Addressing a group of Nigerian lawmakers, the Multichoice chief said PayTV satellite broadcasters are not set-up like telecommunications services providers because unlike the Telco systems, satellite broadcasting "is a one-way system that does not allow broadcasters to know or determine when a subscriber is connected or watching a particular channel or programme.
So, to John Ugbe, unlike the telcos that can charge customers on a metered basis because it has a two-way communication system that enables its operators to establish individual connectivity and duration, and that ensure that they can be billed accordingly.
Multichoice urges the public to understand the difference between the pay-per-view concept as different to the pay as you go format, which to them cannot, and should not be used for TV subscription because it is "not the right fit for pay television."
John Ugbe was making a representation to Nigerian lawmakers who are investigating the non-implementation of the pay-as-you-go subscription model by the country's satellite TV providers.

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