Telkom South Africa To Launch Own Video Streaming Platform

Telkom, a large provider of wireline and wireless telecommunications services in  South Africa, has announced it is launching its video-on-demand (VOD) streaming platform. Named "TelkomONE", it is set to be launched on the 30th November 2020.

According to the Telkom executive in charge of content and smart home, Wanda Mkhize, "TelkomONE is a proudly local and South African service showcasing outstanding local content from filmmakers, videographers, writers and directors. The platform will also be offering curated local music, and educational content as well as a selected range of content from TV channels from major broadcasting networks in South Africa.
Telkom's executives say that the new platform will be made available via the usual web and mobile app platform on a daily, weekly and monthly subscription packages. However, it is still silent on the actual subscription amounts and rates.
To promote the launch of the service within the industry, TelkomONE is launching a competition "where content producers wishing to be noticed can enter for an amazing opportunity to not only win cash prizes to assist them with their content production but also to have their final body of work featured on our platform for viewing by our audience."

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