Cell C To Go-Ahead With Job Cuts After Union Loses Court Case

South Africa's telco, Cell C, has confirmed its intention to proceed with its planned job retrenchment exercise after a Johannesburg Labour Court ruled against the injunction application brought by the Information Communication Technology Union (ICTU).
The ICTU has filed an application urging the court to block Cell C from "proceeding with its restructuring process" which involved laying off a large number of staff. But the high court said the "application lacked merit and a case could not be made".
After the ruling, a Cell C spokesperson said "it is now within its rights to proceed with the implementation of its restructuring process and that it remains committed to "meaningful engagements within the parameters of the law, to have closure and certainty for all affected parties.
It is to be recalled that Cell C has, in early 2019, put in place a turnaround strategy to assist with the streamlining of its business. The process involved substantial cuts in procurement, cuts in existing staff numbers as well as a hiring freeze and the stoppage of some product offerings.

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