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YouTube Asks Artists To Apply For A Share Of US$100 Million Black Voices Fund

YouTube is asking content creators and artists across Africa to tap into the available grants from its US 100 million dollars Black Voices Fund. The fund was launched to support black artists and creators of content and help them promote their work on the YouTube platform.
The fund is initially targeted to assist the work and efforts of black creatives and content producers in the United States, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. However, according to YouTube executives, it is looking to expand the applicable country lists further.
Alex Okosi, YouTube EMEA's managing director for emerging markets, said that the "Black Voices Fund seeks to present a fresh narrative that emphasises the intellectual power, authenticity, dignity and joy of black voices and provide a consistent drumbeat of educational training, workshops and community events to black creators and artists globally."
The YouTube EMEA head also said that "Along with our commitment to amplifying marginalised voices on the content side, we are also investing in product and policy changes that will continue to advance YouTube's mission of giving everyone a voice and show them the world.

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