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Vodacom Goes To Court To Fight Lesotho's Licence Cancellation

Following the revocation of it unified licence by the Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA), Vodacom is reported to have headed to the Courts to challenge the regulator's decision and action, and to seek urgent review and redress therefore.
On Thursday 08 October, the LCA released a public notification confirming the revocation of the unified licence for Vodacom Lesotho on the claims that it failed to pay required regulatory fees and refused to meet its obligations for the "universal services fund" as agreed under the said licence.
Vodacom have reacted to the LCA's move by lodging an expedited application to the High Court of Lesotho, asking the court to set aside the regulator's decision. Vodacom said it was disappointed to have received the "Notice of Revocation of the Unified Licence" on 08 October 2020, given that it has already notified the LCA - as required by the LCA's Administrative Rule 50 (3) of 2016 - of its intention to challenge the decision.
Philip Amaoteng, the managing director of Vodacom Lesotho, said that: "We had no option but to seek relief in the courts because the LCA's decisions are erroneous as a matter of law and public policy.
The LCA has, unfortunately, violated its prescripts and rules, and our efforts to find an amicable solution to the dispute has drawn a complete blank. Given the hostility shown by the LCA towards Vodacom, our options are now limited to seeking redress in the courts to avert further damage to our brand, reputation and the interests of stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders and employees."

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