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StarTimes Partners To Roll-Out Another Nollywood Channel, PBO TV

StarTimes have announced it is in partnership with the Nollywood production company Big Idea Mediaworks to bring to its platform another Nollywood-content focused TV channel, PBO TV.
The new channel, promoted as "providing premium entertainment to everyone" will offer 24-hour entertainment with shows such as 'June', 'Mad About You', 'Being Annabel', and dramas such as 'Tough Life' and 'Life of a Single Mom'.
Chief Executive of StarTimes (South Africa) commented on the content partnership saying that: "It's always an honour and a pleasure for us to provide local content and channels for our customers. We appreciate the vigour and charm of African cultures and hope that more creators will step up and make local content. We're working on bringing our customers even more local channels that celebrate their heritage."
Also speaking on behalf of The Big Idea Mediaworks - the collaborating partner with StarTimes - its chief executive officer said that: "We are excited to bring PBO's live content and catalogue of original programming to millions of StarTimes viewers across Africa. We want people to enjoy the entertainment of quality."

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