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Ethiopia: Govt. Says It Will Launch Second Satellite In December 2020

The Ethiopian government has said it is now in the final stages of launching into space its second remote-sensing satellite from the Chinese Taiyuan Spacecraft Launch Site. The event is due to take place on December 20 2020.
Reporting from The East African said the satellite called ET-SMART-RSS had been designed with Ethiopian technology operators with the collaboration of the Chinese Smart Satellite Technology Corporation and it is being co-funded by both countries.
Dr Solomon Belay, the Director-General of the Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) commented that the remote-sensing satellite "has improved resolution features that would enable it to capture and send high-quality images to its command centre in Addis Ababa."
Ethiopia's first satellite, the ETRSS-1 was launched on December 20 2019, and it is used for the weather forecast, crop monitoring and the environment. Dr Belay also confirms that Ethiopia plans within the next ten years "seven satellites including a communication satellite next year."

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