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We Are A Content Catalogue, Supplier And Platforms Rolled In One - Says Multichoice Content Chief

Aletta Alberts, often referred to as the queen of content at Multichoice has said that in her own opinion, the satellite TV behemoth serves as a content catalogue, supplier and platform all rolled into one.
Speaking during an interview with an industry media outlet, Aletta is reported to have said: So we're a catalogue, SuperSport is a catalogue, Disney+ is a catalogue of content - all of the OTT players are pretty much and when the studios go direct-to-home are catalogues of content. I think over time, you will start focusing much more on that what you can control in the value chain. So we are two things: We are a content supplier, but we're also a platform."
Asked if this means that Multichoice is will indeed be entering into, and promoting third party OTT apps like Netflix and Amazon+ on the DStv platforms, Aletta, whilst insisting she can only speak content-wise said: "because we're a platform, we will always carry people's catalogues. And in the same way that we're currently licensing TV channels, we will be licensing those catalogues, or we will have a subscriber-management relationship with a catalogue.
"It will be the same way that we do today where we go: "I want Channel X", and now we can start negotiating. Or a channel gets pitched to you, and you go "I don't want that part of this content provider's catalogue".  Let's use an example. Say for instance today I'm buying all the National Geographics, maybe in 10 years we'll decide that content is all on Disney+, so now we're just going to carry the Disney+ catalogue. And that's how you've had to think.

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