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Netflix Looking To Boost Subscribers In Africa With More Content And A Mobile Plan

Netflix, the global streaming giant, has decided to revamp its market development strategy in Africa as it looks to move beyond servicing only the wealthy segment to targeting the broader market. It plans to do this with its 'mobile-only' subscription package, and a 'deluge' of locally-produced shows reflecting experiences and cultures of ordinary Africans.
Netflix thinks that a mobile-only subscription that is competitively priced and features slickly-made shows - like the ones from producers like Nigeria's EbonyLife TV and Star Wars actor John Boyega's Upper Room Productions - will help it capture a larger slice of the African viewing audience.
After some qualified successes with projects such as - "Queen Sono" and "Blood and Water" (both South African dramas) Netflix says it now wants to push into comedy, reality TV and shows for children and young adults, mostly from licensing series or films from local distribution partners.
Commenting on this new market drive, a Netflix spokesperson said:" We want to tell stories tailored to different languages, different tastes, and different moods. We know how important it is to have a slate that offers diversity and variety."

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