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Nigeria: "RED Radio" Is Launched As An Online Entertainment Platform

A prominent Nigerian Bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA), is deepening its venture into the media sector with the launch of a new online radio channel - "Red Radio". Powered by its existing "lifestyle" web platform, Red Radio, according to the promoters, will help inform, entertain, educate and bring forward the best of Africa.
Commenting on the launch, the group chairman of UBA while applauding the creativity landscape fostered by the new platform saying that "Creativity and innovation are a powerful combination and every detail in an art piece is important and meaningful. "There are many ways to make something beautiful, to make a sound interesting or to bring a story to life. You can define your expression as UBA's RED Radio launches.
Ms Bola Atta, executive director of RedTV, added her comment, saying: "just like, REDTV, which is Africa's leading online entertainment network, RED Radio is positioned 'to become the leading online radio platform in Africa. It promises to bring rich and engaging content that will keep its audience coming back constantly for vibrant and robust entertainment."

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