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Ghana: Authorities To Review And Revise How Telco Towers Are Deployed

Ghana's National Communications Authority (NCA) is reported to have initiated a one-month long consultative exercise to get input on its proposed revised guidelines for the development of telco towers. The NCA is engaging in the review-and-revise programme to study emerging industry standards and procedures for installing towers that protect the environment and enhance the delivery of quality service.
According to reporting by ITWeb Africa, areas of the existing guidelines to be brought under review will include "changes to the specified radius for the construction of a new tower from 400m to 300m (if in a built-up area) and 200m if not, as well as the waiting time to secure a permit from all coordinating agencies adjusted to 90-days."
The regulatory revision will mean that tower owners must now provide additional information about towers available for co-location to Ghana's NCA and other listed government agencies on an annual basis.

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