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OTT Streaming: Is Discovery Billed To Enter The Market In Early 2021 With "Discovery+"?

Industry media are reporting that global TV network, Discovery, is getting ready to enter into the global streaming market with the plan to launch its direct-to-consumer service to be called - Discovery+. The service is due to launch in the first quarter of 2021.
Teasing up the coming on-stream of this service, Discovery's Chief Executive  Officer, Mr David Zaslav told industry press at a virtual conference by Goldman Sachs that streamer will be coming to market "very soon". He said, "We're going to be coming with a fresh library of content and a huge amount of fresh originals".
Discovery is undoubtedly keeping a tight lip on arrangements surrounding the planned service as details are still light on comprehensive pricing, packaging and distribution information. However, sources say that the "Discovery+" service, when it debuts, will probably feature an ad-supported tier as well as an ad-free tier. The ad-supported tier is expected to carry a maximum of five minutes of advertising per hour of programming. Word is still expected on how much the service will charge subscribers to its ad-free version.
Industry analysts are also unclear what the if and how content on Discovery's linear networks will be made available on the Discovery+, considering potential rights implication that might be involved.

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