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South Africa: Public Broadcaster At Risk Of Imminent Collapse, Needs Urgent Re-Invention

South African public broadcaster, the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is on the brink of "imminent" disintegration - according to a confidential report seen and reported on by The City Press (a South African newspaper).
City Press reporting indicates that SABC's overall revenue for the financial year just gone past came in below budget, and with this year's income estimated to be about 2 billion Rands (US$120Million), the operational capabilities of the broadcaster in well in jeopardy.
With the SABC facing powerful push back from both the government and unions regarding it's planned staff cut, the corporation managers are actively seeking to reinvent its business and operational models that would allow it not only to survive but thrive.
According to a document from the board and executives at the SABC, this period is "the most critical for the future and sustainability of this 84-year old institution" and given "the dwindling advertising revenues; the SABC must reposition itself and get ready for the future with customer-centred business models." SABC says it would look to adopt and implement "a target operating model", which it believes, would help usher in a more agile and "future-focused" company.

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