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Multichoice Showcases Commitment To Telling African Stories

Multichoice believes that storytelling plays a critical role in society; it is through narratives that people learn, shapes their hopes and aspirations and builds a world-view. As a consequence, the organisation says it is now, as ever, committed to helping tell the story of Africa by assisting Africans to tell their own stories.
Multichoice is, therefore, launching a "10,000 Stories" campaign to showcase the best of African storytelling. The campaign, according to Multichoice, will showcase riveting stories that showcase our collective triumph and success as well as our shared ideals and beliefs.
Having been at the fore-front of showcasing African content for the past 20-years, Multichoice confirms that it's DStv and GOtv platforms will continue to launch local channels with increases its local content investment.
"We are proud to have been at the forefront of enhancing the local television industry, by investing in original productions which showcase authentic stories and talent across our continent. Great stories either reflect reality or create one, we are aiming to create a reality that is progressive, inclusive and forward-thinking - says a senior executive at Multichoice.

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