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The BBC's New Director-General Takes A Dim View Of Subscription Model

BBC's newly appointed Director-General, Mr Tim Davie, has maintained that the BBC "will not be just another media company serving a specific group" and has kicked against the UK's public broadcaster becoming a "subscribed-to" media provider.
Mr Tim Davie, who assumed the leadership position of the BBC - a quintessentially British institution - vowed to keep the media company's services available to all, funded as it has always been by the licence fee, thereby squashing any notion that the Corporation might switch to a subscription funding model.
In a speech to the staff of the company, Mr Davie said that "The UK's creative industries have been a global economic success because of a rather enlightened blend of the free market and smart universal interventions like the BBC that is open to all. It is a brilliant national success that future generations deserve to benefit from."
"The broadcasting company must act now to secure it's future and ensure that more people feel the BBC is for them. Across the UK, across all political views, across all of society, and all age groups, people must feel their BBC is here for them." Mr Davie added.

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